10 Top tips for playing Archery Tag

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10 Top tips for playing Archery Tag

Here's Longbow Events' top tips on how to get the most of your Archery Tag booking. These Archery Tag tips are great for both beginners and experienced Taggers. If you have any of your own please feel free to send them to us!

Tag Tip 1 Don't go all out in the first few games! Our Archery Tag games last between 6-8 minutes but you'll feel like you have just done an hour of heavy cardio at the gym if you don't pace yourself. Don't get us wrong we know you're geared up and the adrenaline is pumping away but this game is all about steady stamina and strategy.

Tag Tip 2 Don't sit and hide behind your bunkers for too long! It's easy to think you should just hide away once the arrows start flying but due to the way the Archery Tag bunker has been designed the more experienced players will find a strike angle and take you out. By walking (and running) around in the middle and back zones you can actually see the arrows coming in towards you and you might just catch one to release a team mate!

Tag Tip 3 Having problems punching out the 5 spot targets? We’ve seen lots of players stand as close to the safety line as they can thinking the closer they are the easier it is to hit the targets - that’s true in one sense but it’s also a lot easier for the opposing team to land hits on you before you’ve even drawn your bow. It’s not that much harder to hit from the middle of your play zone (it’s all about practice and strategy). That way you’ll stay in the game longer.

Tag Tip 4 Protect your target! It’s easy to get carried away in lining up the person opposite you in your sights but don’t take your eye off the target. Think about your strategy - a good defence plan is just as important as a good attack plan.

Tag Tip 5 Practice catching those arrows! If you have a player that can get your team mate back in the arena quickly then use them at the back to taunt and catch.

Tag Tip 6 Never run out of arrows! Some of the various Archery Tag games are all about the shots and making them count. Make sure your fellow team mates nominate a ‘collector’ who’s job is to run into the safe zone and grab as many archery tag arrows as they can carry while under covering fire - even if they take a hit on the way back out the ammo haul will be worth it. Also keep an eye on your team mates - if they are sitting on a load of arrows and you haven’t got any shout out!

Tag Tip 7 Keep looking around! It’s really easy to start focusing on revenge and shooting the person that just tagged you but if you don’t keep your eyes open all the time then the other archery tag team will send you a swift reminder!

Tag Tip 8 Take some water with you. Fast paced archery tag games will leave you needing a drink. Don’t take on too much water though - little and often between games.

Tag Tip 9 Safety first. Even if you have just been tagged and you’re on the side lines keep that mask on. If you’re wiping the lens turn your back on play and try to do it by lifting up the mask while on your head.

Tag Tip 10 Practice, practice, practice! The more you play the more you will build up a good winning strategy. Form a team that plays to everyone’s strengths and practice playing archery tag together. We offer discounts to our regulars so they can get better at this fantastic sport of combat archery.