Archery Beginner Courses

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Archery Beginner Courses

People often find their way into archery via different ways. It could be seeing the sport for the first time at the Olympics or they experience a Longbow outdoor event and become immersed in this great sport.

However, many people who enjoy the experience, either through watching archery on TV or being involved in an event can sometimes find it hard to make that first step into trying out archery to see if it’s for them. Many archery clubs have waiting lists for archery and introduction courses, which can put many people off and find that they move onto something else and miss out on what is simply a wonderful hobby to take up.

Here at Longbow Events we run archery beginner courses for the absolute novice, someone who hasn’t picked up a bow before and has never shot an arrow! It’s the perfect introduction into archery. It’s also brilliant for anyone who has been involved with our ‘have a go’ days and have been bitten by the archery bug! Our archery beginner courses are taken by official, qualified Archery GB coaches and if after the course they feel you have made the grade and that you are confident and above all safe handling your bow, you will be given a signed certificate by the coach. Once you have that certificate, you can then approach a suitable local archery club and ask them about membership and joining.

Not only do our courses cover shooting techniques, range layout and safety, we also run through the etiquette of the sport and what’s involved at an archery club, so you will feel fully confident when joining up with your chosen club. It’s a great way to learn archery and an opportunity to learn from some of the best archery coaches around.

Drop us a line to check the availability of courses and get involved!