Archery Tag – My first time!

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Archery Tag – My first time!

Being a fan and a participant of many sports, the invite from Longbow Events to head on down to one of their archery tag events was very welcomed!

I had never played the game before and in anticipation, I had a good read through the Archery Tag rules (they can be found here). I also checked out a few videos on YouTube to see what lay ahead for me. One thing that hit me almost immediately (apart from an arrow) was the fast pace of the game. Not only do you have to be agile but you also need to be mentally switched on, aware of what your opponents are doing and keep an eye on who is aiming for you while keeping a track of where your next arrow is coming from!

The introduction to Archery Tag for beginners from the Longbow Events team was first class; putting you at ease straight away, going over the rules and making sure you are playing in a safe environment. Not long after starting a game you soon become aware of what tactics work and you can see how a team would co-operate together to win. Your initial reaction is to stoop down behind a defensive wall and shoot across to your opponent, however you quickly become confident enough to use the match area to gain advantageous shooting positions.

I found that getting out wide of the match area and creating an angle into the opposing teams area, allowed me to shoot in behind their defensive barriers – very effective! One of the main objectives is to knock out the opposing team targets which are positioned at the front of the team area, you can sometimes get too focussed on shooting the opposing team players and forget about the targets.

By the second game, our team was already asking each other who was going to go for the targets and who would be targeting the other team players. We were pretty much all beginners but already getting very involved with how we would approach the game. Whilst two teams played, the other two teams watched, we helped with throwing any stray arrows back into the match area, and gave a hearty round of applause at the end of each game. Overall a great experience, not only playing Archery Tag, but the day in general had a great atmosphere. The Archery Tag session was a hit and I would urge anyone to get involved; I shall be keeping my eyes well and truly open for the next one!