Soft Archery... What is it?

Soft Archery... What is it?

Put simply Soft Archery is a safe way to introduce anyone of any age from 6-96 to experience archery where conventional archery equipment can’t be used.

We use several ranges of equipment to facilitate this. The first is our S.A.F.E. Archery kit from the USA (Students and Families Experiencing Archery) which has soft foam tip arrows offering the same flight characteristics as a standard arrow yet is much safer, allowing opportunities to shoot indoors without special netting! The large foam tip makes it great for the kids to shoot anywhere - no more lost arrows! Longbow Events are the North West UK provider for SAFE Soft Archery.

Whether you have been shooting for years or have never picked up a bow, the S.A.F.E. Archery arrow offers a new way to experience archery in several ways from our inflatable Hoverball range to Tin Can Smash and Sky Shooting with aerial targets, take aim and play… the opportunities are endless!

We also offer Archery GB soft archery. Launched in September 2012, this specially designed kit has been created for primary schools to introduce young children to archery in a fun and safe way. It has been designed to be delivered by sports coordinators. This 'mini' version of archery has child-friendly equipment. We use simple ideas for activities and competitions that can be used in parties, PE lessons, school fairs and as part of the School Games. The equipment and resources provided make it possible for our instructors to deliver archery in almost any setting.

We introduce archery concepts and skills through fun activities rather than technical instruction and use it to encourage learning in other areas; for example, maths through scoring, literacy through language, and citizenship through cooperation and self-discipline.

It’s a great way to get kids involved with archery as well as providing a fun activity that enhances eye-hand coordination, increases upper body strength, and helps to develop focus, self-esteem and self-discipline. Our soft archery events are safe and fun for everyone! We can run soft archery parties as a mobile event anywhere or at our Archery Centre in Birkenhead which has all the facilities you’ll need including a food preparation and rest area for parties.