Starting out with Archery

Starting out with Archery

I have always been fascinated with archery from a distance, never getting involved, but would always sit up whenever it passed my way. From the Olympics through to the Hunger Games, but like most sports and hobbies there is never an easy or obvious way to get involved, unless you really go digging around - which I never did!

However, things changed when I stumbled upon the Archery Beginners courses at Longbow Events. I had no excuses really, the location was close by, price seemed really reasonable and from the reviews I read it seemed like a great course. Rather than go alone, I talked around my 17 year old son to join me on the courses that ran over 3 Saturday (or Sunday) mornings (run consecutively).

Just hit the target!

From the moment we arrived at the venue, we were made very welcome by the staff and any apprehension we may have had about shooting a bow for the first time, quickly fell away. We were in a small group, mixed of ages and gender, so it was very easy to follow instructions (from Dave!) and quickly immerse yourself in the information and environment. After covering the safety aspects of shooting a bow and a detailed introduction into the bow itself, we were up and aiming and surprisingly hitting targets! Under the watchful eye of the archery GB coach you soon become able to ‘get in the zone’ with the bow and after a short while you start to really get a feel for it. But these courses are not just about shooting an arrow straight, you really get to see archery from lots of different angles.

We learnt about archery club etiquette, what is expected if you shoot on an archery club range. How to address your bow before you shoot, your stance. Without doubt archery is a technical sport, and on this course you are shown everything you need to create your own technique and really feel at ease with the bow. Another huge advantage of the longbow events archery courses is that, once completed you get a certificate signed by the official Archery GB coach that will enable you to approach an archery club of your choice to join. Never rushed Because the courses are ran over 3 different days at no time did we ever felt rushed.

You have time to take in the information, and it’s easily retained for when you return the following week, that is thanks to the great approach the trainers have when teaching. After the first course, both myself and my son were looking forward to getting back the following week to learn more and get shooting. After we had completed the course, we both felt confident shooting the bow and more importantly we would feel at ease stepping onto a club archery range.

When the guys at Longbow Events asked if I could write a quick blog about my experience on the archery courses, I was more than happy to pen a few words and I encourage you to jump on a course and get learning archery!

Karl Bilby